Installation and Build

When you download the project you will encounter 3 different zip.

- # React Native Project
- # PHP Project for Admin Panel
- # PHP Project for API Calls


1 - Server Setup

2 - iOS Build

3 - Android Build


First, let's make the basic settings in PHP projects.

API Installation

First off all upload your files into your server.

quuqa.sql import your mysql database

Then, edit required.php


Thats off all! Your API Server is ready!

Admin Panel Installation

First off all upload your files into your server.


Image Base URL is your API URL for uploads folder

Is everything done? Lets start!

Open your browser and quuqa_admin url (for ex. http://localhost/quuqa_admin)


Default Mail and Password

After the sign in you look this page:

Dashboard Admin Panel

Click settings page from left menu.

Settings Page

Google Maps API Key is required this page!

Thats all! You're nearly ready!

The last one is react native project!

After downloading the project, point to the directory where it is located on a terminal screen and paste following lines.

npm install # for re-install npm packages
react-native link # for linking android and ios packages
react-native run-ios --simulator="iPhone 8" # iOS Build && iPhone 8 run
react-native run-android # Android build & run

If you have any error message on your teminal. Please clean build folders.

rm -rf android/app/build #for android
rm -rf ios/build # for ios