Customize Theme

Background Images

quuqa has three background image

  1. Application Background

  2. Welcome screen, login, register background

  3. OND Modal Background

Background images are same size 1080x1920

Application Background Path: /assets/images/appBG.png
Welcome Screen Background Path: /assets/images/welcomeBG.png
OND Modal Background Path: /assets/images/ondBG.png

If your image is less than 1080x1920 system change image size (resizeMode: cover)

Header Buttons

quuqa has 3 header buttons.

  1. Messages

  2. Home

  3. Profile

Header Buttons are same size 200x200

Messages Button Path: /assets/images/header_messages_active.png
Home Button Path: /assets/images/header_logo_active.png
Profile Button Path: /assets/images/header_profile_active.png

quuqa use 3 different format on logo

  1. Logo with Color (135x144)

  2. Logo with bg (135x144)

  3. Logo (165x177)

Logo with colors path: /assets/images/logo_colors.png
Logo with bg path: /assets/images/logo_with_bg.png
Logo path: /assets/logo.png